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Carry On Dancing - A Brent/Julianne (Being Erica) Fan Mix


and I, decided to go to head to head on a mini fan mix based around a

Savage Garden song. It was originally going to be another Kai/Erica mix,

but we both ended up going with Brent/Julianne (For me, it's partly

because the Kai/Erica thing is still a little too raw - it's looking

more and more like they aren't going to end up together) so i'm focusing

on a ship that 100% floating right now ;)

Title. Carry On Dancing

Medium. TV

Fandom. Being Erica

Subject. Brent Kennedy / Julianne Giacomelli

Notes. Includes possible spoilers for seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Post includes cover art, lyrics, zip and youtube links as well as gifs and images.

Mini Mix includes the first 7 songs (marked with **)

Full Mix includes all 17 songs.

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Icon Batch #127

21 x Kate Winslet
7 x Disney's Beauty And The Beast
8 x Disney's Pocahontas
7 x Stock
11 x Gilmore Girls
9 x Paolo Nutini
7 x Eminem
24 x Being Erica (Animated Icons)
120 x Being Erica


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Destined To Collide - A Kai/Erica (Being Erica) Fan Mix

Title. Destined To Collide

Medium. TV

Fandom. Being Erica

Subject. Erica Strange / Kai Booker (Being Erica)

Notes. Includes possible spoilers for season 2, 3 and 4 (although season 4 spoilers are not *really* going to spoil anything).
Post includes cover art, lyrics, zip and youtube links as well as gifs and images. A full graphics post will follow.

I admit this is a pretty big fan mix but I figure an epic ship deserves
an epic fan mix. In fact, I will probably make another one soon!
a sucker for starcrossed lovers, what can I say? And it doesn't get
more starcrossed than being seperated by time. I highly recommend the
show if you haven't seen it. It's about a woman who starts therapy with
the mysterious Dr. Tom, who sends her back in time to fix her regrets. I
also don't want to spoil too much in this description in case you want
to watch it so all I will say is that Kai is also a patient, but he
meets Erica while he is in 2009 fixing a regret. In reality, he is from
2019. They are starcrossed lovers and in my view, soul mates but are
seperated by time.

I was gonna wait until season 4 finished
before I posted this but i'm too scared it won't end up the way I want
it to so i'm posting it now lol - i'd be interested in what other BE fans think of the song choices :)

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