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notasweicons's Journal

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Welcome to notasweicons ; the icon journal of peculiargroove formerly aboleyn. I'm not one for too many rules so there's only a few:

1. NO STEALING: I've worked hard to create this graphics, so please don't claim them as your own.
2. NO HOTLINKING: Photobucket is a real pain in the arse now, if you hotlink the bandwidth will run out and not only will it stop others from seeing the graphics - you won't be able to either! Upload graphics yourself, i would recommend tinypic.com
3. CREDIT: Credit is a must. I don't care whether you credit me on your profile or on your display pictures page but please do it.
4. EDITING: You can edit these graphics if you want to AS LONG as i am credited for the base graphics - it's only fair.
That's it! :)


If you want to affiliate just comment to the most recent post :)

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